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Thompson Road Bible Fellowship is a local community of believersin Jesus Christ who seek to live by what we study in the Bible; to worship Godthrough our lifestyle, music, art, word and action; to care for and nurture our brothers and sisters in Christ, and be a significant part of our community and the world by demonstrating Jesus' love for all.  

Let's be honest…sometimes we do not live up to that standard. The grace of Jesus continues to be necessary for all of us. We would love to have you become a part of our joys and tragedies, failures and successes.

As a church, theologically, we subscribe to the words attributed to Augustine: "In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, love."

It would be so much easier if we all believed the same thing, exactly the same way, at exactly the same time. But where is the fun in that? Jesus, the very Son of God, lived, died and rose again so that those who believe may do the same by thepower of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Now, about all the stuff in-between…

This life given to us is passed in stages, witheach phase requiring new skills and adaptations. We hope to be able to providepeer groups with experienced teachers to help facilitate growth and encouragement for whatever situation and opportunity has presented itself.

Life is messy, challenging and ever changing. We need each other. We need friends who are willing to saythe hard things to us and to laugh so hard that milk comes out of our nose. No matter if you are towards the end of time, the middle or just beginning, we were created for relationships. The church is ultimately a collection of people who cross boundaries and peculiarities to love each other.

We know that going to a new church, with new relationships is challenging; having to open up your heart to others, with every possible potential for pain and disappointment. However, the church does not exist to make you happy and to placate your every stylistic preference and be filled with perfect people. (Just look at the Apostles!) So, love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourself and we promise to do the same.

 Sunday Morning Worship Service @ 10:00 AM

Check out the Calendar of Events page for dates and times of group and community activities!